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Bill clinks a golden Ford and announces the latest successes, which include turning citizens of the barren wasteland once known as Gravity Falls, Oregon into stone to be used as a throne for Bill. Bill finds it adorable the refugees are fighting back, and orders his henchmen to fight them. The poll was created at Welcome to the Gravity Falls Wikia collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to Gravity Falls.

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Back in the present, Dipper opens the letter Wendy gave him. Codes and Cryptograms Decipher them all.

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Ford had dubbed this event called Weirdmageddon.

Gravity Falls known as Gravity Falls: The film began development originally as a made-for-television feature film, but after story reels and presentation succeeded, Disney decided for a mainstream theatrical release, giving the studio a compressed nine-month schedule. Inside the spacecraft, Ford and Dipper walk around, attempting to search through its halls for the adhesive.

However, if Dipper stays, she would have to leave absolutely everything behind. Ford tells Dipper that they focus on adrenaline, and if you are not scared, they will not hurt you. In the basement, Dipper wonders if he's making the right decision by staying. Mabel reminds Dipper that their 13th birthday which is August 31, the last day of summer is only one week away, which Dipper had hardly realized.

Blendin taps his wristwatch, informing the Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron of the situation before he teleports away. She tries to radio Dipper, but he doesn't answer. Dipper is hesitant, wondering what he should do with Mabel and his birthday party.

Mabel is confused, thinking high school is fun and song-filled, just like on TV. The townspeople of Gravity Falls all look up to the sky in fear as Bill grows in size, becoming a rotating pyramid-like abomination with six arms and a pure black form with multicolored energy.

Ford opens a hatch on the hill using a magnet gun, and the two head down it, into the depths of the spacecraft. He destroys one of the droids with the magnet gun, but Dipper is unable to keep his fear in check, and the other droid attacks him. However, her walkie-talkie starts to crackle, broadcasting a conversation between Dipper and Ford.

Soos sits next to Mabel, suggesting that she delivers invitations to her friends. Mabel walks in, telling Dipper that he can go on his quest with Ford, and saying that the two of them can stay in touch using walkie-talkies. Dipper and Ford run outside to investigate the chaos, seeing the gateway and a humongous Bill.

Bill rises to the sky as a giant cross appears thanks to the rift's influence - a gateway from the Nightmare Realm to Gravity Falls. Mabel is despondent, explaining that she had a horrible day and that when summer is over, the only thing she won't have to leave behind is her brother. She grabs a bag and runs away crying into the woods. Mabel hands the rift over to Blendin, who takes it and smashes it on the ground, stomping it with his boot.

Chains wrap around the bubble, trapping Mabel inside. Ford realizes that they've failed and that Weirdmageddon has begun. The two pass through the craft, which is dominated by huge open spaces that contain mysterious message written in code, ruined machines, and alien skeletons. She tries to radio Dipper via walkie-talkie, saying that they can have the party at gym but the future of high school is becoming bleak.

She finds it in Dipper's bag, not knowing of its importance. Dipper decides to take the offer, and they return to the Shack. Dipper runs to help Ford, but he has everything under control. Upsidedownington," leaning over Dipper, who tells Mabel that she hasn't done that since third grade. They are about to leave with the adhesive when suddenly, two prison droids appear.

Back at the Shack, Mabel is sad that summer is almost over and that high school is awful. As the little ship prepares to take off through a hatch in the saucer, Dipper attaches himself to the ship with the magnet gun. Wendy says that TV's portrayal is a lie and that if Mabel can avoid growing up, she should.

However, Stan says they are not allowed to have another party at the Shack after the events of "Scary-oke. The film begins with Mabel waking Dipper up in the attic of the Mystery Shack. Ford again extends the opportunity to stay in Gravity Falls to Dipper. Mabel exits the gym, becoming depressed. Dipper reminds her that things change, and summers end.

Dipper and Mabel head downstairs to begin planning, with Mabel believing that the big birthday party will be thrown at the Mystery Shack. Ford and Dipper reach their destination - a large hill overlooking the floating cliffs of Gravity Falls. The droid does not detect any fear and disables itself. The malfunctioning prison droid that had captured Ford returns to take Ford and Dipper away.

Ford uses his magnet gun to slide down several metal columns in order to head further into the craft, but Dipper is hesitant to follow him. Mabel finds Wendy and asks her what's happening. Ford tells Dipper that the spacecraft contains an alien adhesive powerful enough to seal the crack in the rift, and their job is to look for it.

Ford hits his head in his cell-like bubble and is knocked out. As he speaks, he uses the magnet gun on one of the alien plates, revealing the adhesive. The two go into the gym, finding lines of despondent high-schoolers. Mabel says that she doesn't want to say goodbye to Gravity Falls, but Stan reminds her that she still has her brother, no matter what.

Unfortunately, Grenda will be visiting Marius von Fundshauser in Austria, and Candy will be at music camp. Ford remarks on how the cliffs look seemingly unnatural and oddly shaped, and Dipper realizes what Ford means when he holds a UFO keychain in front of him. Ford has had a lot of experience with the craft, having raided its parts to build the universe portal.

He uses the magnet gun, but it ends up attaching him to the ceiling instead of pulling him down. He realizes that he has Mabel's bag - but it's too late. Ford runs off, telling Dipper to hurry. After sitting down against a tree, Mabel looks through the bag, only to find that she had grabbed Dipper's bag by mistake.

Dipper stands up to the droid, yelling that he isn't scared and that nothing will take away his uncle. He then shows Dipper something extremely urgent - the fact that the interdimensional rift is cracking. All he needs is a "gizmo" from her uncle - the rift. The ship takes off, streaking over the town and destroying the water tower as Dipper desperately tries to disable the ship.

The spacecraft is now buried under the town. Blendin Blandin sees the chaos above, and is helpless to watch as Mabel's unconscious body is lifted up and sealed in a pink bubble emblazoned with a shooting star. Stan comes in to cheer her up, reminding her that growing old doesn't mean you have to grow up and that it's okay to have fun even as an adult.

Wendy explains that it's registration day and that no one is happy about it. Everyone in the gym promptly laughs at Wendy as the man in charge of registration mispronounces her name, leaving Wendy embarrassed. The liquid of the rift surges across the ground as Blendin begins to cackle, taking off his goggles and revealing his eyes to be the same as Bill's.

Bill, in Blendin's body, snaps his fingers, knocking Mabel unconscious and causing an unearthly wind to howl. Dipper bursts into the attic, eager to share the news with Mabel, but Mabel already knows, having heard it on the walkie-talkie. Bill leaves Blendin's body and enters the physical world, screaming about how the gateway between the Nightmare Realm and the real world has been opened after being prophesied for a billion years.

Dipper uses the pulse option on the gun to disable the ship, which sends it crashing down in the woods. After recovering, Dipper opens the pod and frantically tries to revive Ford. The two of them go on a quest to patch the rift, and Ford will explain the exact nature of his plan along the way. If Bill Cipher manages to get the rift when it's completely cracked, he would unleash a catastrophic event that will unravel reality.

Ford reminds him that they need to save the world and asks for the rift. He reaches into his bag, only to pull out a birthday party invitation instead. Dipper psyches himself up for his first mission with Ford and promptly walks into the doorframe before actually heading out the door. Blendin Blandin appears, offering to help her make a "time bubble" that will make time stop, letting summer last as long as Mabel wants it to.

The droid puts Ford into a different, ship-like droid, that will take Ford far away. Ford pushes him out of the way, but he is injured and captured by the droid. Dipper is unable to respond, as there's too much interference on his end. Ford reveals to Dipper that the valley of Gravity Falls was created millions of years ago, when a spacecraft of some kind crash-landed into the area, creating the shape in the cliffs.

She wishes for summer to last forever. Suddenly, Soos and Grunkle Stan enter the room, with both of them talking about events happening in the near future. Meanwhile, Mabel goes to see Grenda and Candy in the hopes of giving them invitations to the birthday party. His body gains flesh, metal, and pure energy as Bill finally obtains a physical form, becoming a triangle of light.

Soos remarks on how the future is coming for them all and everyone echoes him. Dipper chases the droid through the saucer. As they search, Ford offers to make Dipper his apprentice in learning about the secrets of Gravity Falls. The twins are about to head there together, but Ford Pines calls Dipper over, saying his face is on fire.

Bill returns to his normal form and floats down to the town, announcing that he will be the lord and master of Gravity Falls for eternity.

Mabel is cheered up by this. Dipper is unsure since he would have to part with Mabel when she returned to California. Mabel is sad that neither of her best friends will be able to come to her party or wish her goodbye when she leaves for home. He assures Dipper that all of the aliens inside have "probably" been dead for millions of years. They share a hug, and Mabel leaves. Having a pair of google-eyes on her chin, Mabel talks as "Mr. Ford finally recovers and praises Dipper.
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