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D-Day, the Normandy Invasion: Thank you for your help. Guestbook strana divadlo eldre nettdating og https: We had decided to break up our journey north by staying at a hotel close to where Nigel lived Burnley??

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Rumour has it that Strictly Come Dancing are thinking of holding an event there. He represented the finest professional traditions of the MCD branch. The last time I saw him was with John Rayner when we called into Invergordon on our way to catch a flight at Inverness. Northern Diving Group, Faslane.

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Built and modified on board the Mk system on all those boats as well as the ones we gave the Spanish, Japanese, and Taiwanese navies. Keep your powder dry. Over 50 of the Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigates were built, and they were as comfortable shepherding tankers through the Arabian Gulf 1 , showing the flag solo in distant ports, or screening a carrier task force.

An entire class of ships is heading for sale — or scrap. But it was worth it, if only for the amazement and suspicion and associated overhead conversations from those unsung badassees of US military service; Fleet Sailors. But hey, we have ships named for union organizers, ABSCAM corruption figures, and gun-control politicians now, so progress! They jerry-rigged a land launcher on the flight deck.

The guys in the galley were saints, as usual. I often wonder if what they saw had any persuasive effect on them trying to make it into the Teams, or if it had the opposite effect. Be prepared and ready. From what I remember, this was attributed to contemporary Soviet warships that were visible bristling with guns and missiles, while US ships used flush deck VLS systems.

In fact that may become the highest and best use of them.

Kauffman and his son, Rear Adm. The talk in the press about a cancellation is, I think, a mixture of trial balloons by various OSD figures and alarmist agitation by the Navy to get congress to take notice of the issue. Decent little ships for what they were. What were they doing? However, these ships are hardly being decommissioned on a whim — they are aging and obsolescent. They were exceedingly discreet. We know what Ray Mabus would say. During World War II, Draper Kauffman was known for spending more time at sea than any other officer of his time, according to the Navy. And fired it on a dead-calm day with the LCS poking along at 15 kt. The OHP were certainly not a class of ship absent from controversy themselves. Prob with specs bloat is: They showed a video of a Kongsberg missile launch to show us that LCS is now weaponized. The lack of even a basic hull-mounted sonar on the new ships even a crap one like the OHPs had would be useful is also a major problem. As I understand it, they were supposed to pick one, but both contenders sucked so nobody could make a decision. I think most USN designs in the 80s were accused of being undergunned. I always suspected LCS would end up in open ocean and fleet escort missions. It just looks like something you best not mess with. Also, what idiot decided we needed not one but two hulls to this same bizarre spec? Right as we reach our Naval nadir in the early 20s, my son will be coming of age…. These people are ruining our navy and nobody cares. Kauffman exercises with a modern diesel boat of the Peruvian Navy in USN photo by Patrick Grieco. Even as rivals new Iran and old Russia send ever-quieter subs to sea, a shrinking Navy dumps sub-hunting as a secondary mission on other, general-purpose ships. Probably my error to drop one F as I know a bunch of Kaufmans and Kaufmanns the difference among my friends seems to be the one-ns are German-Jewish ancestry and the two-ns German-Catholics and no two-F Kauffmanns or Kauffmans. As to the elimination of Ocean Escorts as a class, there has been some move to revise this in the past year and a half. From the command information bulletin, the Stars and Lies:. Even when brand new, they were far from the formidable warships you paint them as, but were rather the cheap alternative equipped with the bare minimum needed to survive in low-threat areas note the SQS sonar and lack of a three-dimensional air search radar. So the SSCs will have pretty solid antiship firepower. Stupid to dump them in the 90s. And they got the mishap rate down to a normal fast jet rate. Sometimes they get something out of it. Good range and payload, space for all the current ISR stuff, and speed to get there in a hurry. IIRC accused of being over sized for the mission and under armed for its size. Probably due to the entertaining questions and conversations they were exposed to. For a span of hours, a corner of the hangar became something like an extreme zoo exhibit. This was cause for some amazement, possibly admiration, and possibly some consternation. It was all consumed, rapidly. The Kauffman is named for Vice Adm. This is a dubious claim for any ship the size of an ocean escort to make in the modern era. The Skipper and the Chiefs loved us. Would be real useful right now to have that range and payload again. Form follows function…that is a sexy looking ship. There is no fixing the organization as it stands without wholesale gutting of the existing leadership former Deputy Secretary of Defense Christine Fox was the voice of opposition to LCS and has therefore been forced to leave OSD, even though she was right across the board. The frigates were one of the success stories of the s Reagan rearmament, that under the leadership of then-SecNav John Lehman brought the Navy close to ships. Sure, we could probably have kept the hulls in service longer if we had really wanted to, but the cost of overhauling them and replacing the combat systems would likely have been as much as building new replacements over half the cost of a modern surface combatant comes from the combat systems, the hull itself is rather cheap. Modern surface combatants have an expected lifespan of roughly 30 years and the frigates were all at that point. There were some viewers. Still, most modern ships would not be capable of fighting after sustaining damage from an antiship weapon. Glorious, comfortable sleep is where you find it. The ships, known for their anti-submarine warfare mission, are being phased out because the Navy has other ships capable of conducting multiple missions. Too bad the Aussies had to dump theirs too, due to age and dwindling spares. Well, for all the pain this mismanagement brings, I can think of something worse—if these clowns decided get involved in a real war. It is to weep. Ready for 12k calories a day, consumed in 15 minutes or less, followed by Such a routine would have been adequate for 10 days. And as for ships on the ways, we have 10 guided missile destroyers and 14 LCS under construction with several more of both types on order more ships than any time since the end of the Cold War. The modern sensor suite and significantly larger flight deck and hanger are a vast improvement, while the rest of the armament is mostly a wash, and their seakeeping abilities are too different to compare easily. I think it was probably a reinforcing effect in either direction. We know for sure that the F is NOT up to the task. We can only hope that natural specifications bloat takes its course. Their sensor outfit is two generations out of date look at the Australian and Turkish programs for how much it would cost to modernize is and their only real weapons these days are their helicopters. And our Corpsman nailed the reply: Sad to think that of all the major, modern Navies in the history of major, modern Navies ours will be the only one without Frigates. Hey, Simon, good catch. Do not disturb their sleep, there is no perimeter fence protecting the viewers from these creatures. That was an embarrassing error on my part.
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